USC Glaze & Putties


PRO-GLAZE™ 26120 Polyester Finishing Putty. 

PRO-GLAZE is the most advanced, maximum performance, polyester finishing and blending putty available.  High tech resins deliver maximum adhesion, excellent workability and unbeatable sanding.

  • Easiest sanding putty
  • Ultra smooth finish
  • Pinhole free
  • Maximum adhesion
  • Stain free and tack free

PRO-FLEX™ 26037 Flexible Polyester Finishing Putty

Repair flexible parts, such as bumpers, with PRO-FLEX. PRO-FLEX’s super flexible and self-leveling formula delivers excellent workability, leveling, adhesion and sanding.

  • Formulated with FLEXAN™ – bends up to 100 degrees!
  • Ideal for flexible and rigid bumpers and plastic parts
  • A favorite among custom cycle painter
  • Sands in 15-20 minutes
  • Stain free and tack free

PRONTO™ 32046 Kombi Spot Putty. 

 LIttle scratches. Tiny pinholes. You’re ready to prime. “Uh oh! Somebody grab the PRONTO!” This one-component, air dry kombi putty is ideal for last minute minor imperfections. Spreads easy and dries quickly.

  •  Small enough to fit in a pocket
  • European style 1K air dry kombi putty
  • High solids for excellent fill
  • Minimal shrinking
  • Great sanding

USC Red Glazing Putty 32035

 A one component, fast drying glazing putty with an extra fine texture for filling pinholes, scratches and dimples on bare metal and hardened plastic fibers.

  • Best under lacquer, acrylic and synthetic finishes
  • Good adhesion
  • Easy sanding
  • Minimal shrinking
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