USC Fiberglass


  • 58015 – Quart
  • 58020 – Gallon

Fiberglass Resin.  Use with USC Fiberglass Mat or Fiberglass Cloth to rebuild and repair cracks, holes, splits, tears and other damage in fiberglass.  Ideal for custom molding.

  • Thicker viscosity for less running and sagging
  • Better wetting and coating of fibers
  • Fast curing.  Tack free
  • Waterproof and impact resistant
  • Liquid hardener included



ALL RESIN Polyester-Hybrid Repair Resin.
ALL-RESIN™ is a proprietary resin blend formulated for repair of both SMC and fiberglass -one resin does it all! Save money (up to 30% vs. competitive SMC resin), reduce inventory, and increase productivity with faster cure time and better vertical hold! Special adhesion properties assure a structurally sound, worry-free repair. Use with fiberglass mat, cloth and tape.

  • Thick, non-sag formula provides better vertical hold for side panel and truck repairs
  • Quick cure delivers a tack-free finish; sands easily without clogging your sandpaper.
  • Durable. Rustproof. Waterproof.
  • Cream Hardener included.


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