SEM Prep


  • 38373 – 20 oz Aerosol
  • 38374 – Quart

SEM Solve is a virgin solvent blend to clean panels prior to refinish or repair. Effectively removes adhesive residue, wax, grease, road tar, oil, silicone, paint overspray and bug remnants. Leave no residue.

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  • 38353 – Plastic & Leather Prep – 12oz Aerosol

Plastic & Leather Prep is a mild solvent blend to clean plastic and leather prior to refinishing. Removes mold release, fingerprints, grease and oil. Promotes adhesion of topcoat. Will not soften or distort plastic parts.

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  • 38343 – Vinyl Prep –  13.3oz Aerosol

Vinyl Prep is a strong solvent blend critical to refinishing vinyl. Removes soil, wax and grease. Temporarily softens substrate. Promotes adhesion of top coat.

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