Polyester Primers


PCL POLYPRIMER is a corrosion resistant, sanding primer surfacer based on an air-drying polyester resin. The pigmentation is carefully balanced for optimum sanding properties. It is fast drying and has excellent filling properties and adhesion over fiberglass, metal, plastic and wood. Can be top-coated with all types of finishes, acrylics, lacquers, synthetic enamels and two-component urethane coatings.

Available in gallons or quarts.

  • 901 – Grey
  • 902 – Red Oxide
  • 903 – Black
  • 905 – Buff
  • 907 – White



Evercoat’s Feather Fill G2  is a high-build, high-solids Premium Polyester Primer Surfacer that is compliant with California and National Rule VOC regulations. It has been specifically developed to work with 1K and 2K etch primers, while offering exceptional flow and leveling. Other features include smooth spraying, easy sanding, fast dry-to-sand time and a shrink-resistant formula.

Available in gallons or quarts.

  • 710/711 – Buff
  • 712/713 – Gray
  • 714/715 – Black


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