PCL Single Stage Paint


EuroCoat Polyurethane Coating

EUROCOAT 2800 SERIES is a two-component, easy to apply, high gloss and extremely durable polyurethane paint system specifically designed for overall refinishing in high volume production shops. Eurocoat dries quickly so the painted product can be delivered faster. Eurocoat is ideal for refinishing of passenger cars, trucks, fleet and light manufacturing. Available in factory colors and clear at low VOC for large fleet applications, i.e., buses, large trucks.



Flat Black

FLAT BLACK is formulated for a premium “custom look” at 2.42 VOC or less. This two-component polyurethane system with a 4:1 ratio offers a durable, fast dry finish. This product is user-friendly, resulting in increased production. FLAT BLACK is a single-stage coating; no clear coat is needed. FLAT BLACK can be used on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, bikes, ATVs, helmets, etc., when a flat black custom look is desired.



Satin Black

SATIN BLACK is a durable and VOC-compliant polyurethane product, formulated to produce a high quality satin finish.

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