Motor Guard Sanding Blocks



  • BG6-1 –   6 1/2″ Block
  • BG12-1 –   12″ Block

Big-Block® is designed for use with 2-3/4” PSA rolls or standard sheets of abrasive paper. The 6-1/2” model provides powerful one hand sanding over smaller areas while the 12” model allows two-handed power blocking on large panels.



Roller-Block® – RL-1

The Roller-Block® utilizes a 5-1/2”x9” abrasive sheet folded into thirds, the Roller-Block® saves time by requiring no trimming and saves money by wasting no paper. PSA paper may also be used. Specifically designed for wet sanding applications.




  • RK-1   –  PSA
  • RKH-1  –  Hook facing
  • RKL-1   – Loop facing

To be used with 6″ discs. The shape is ideal for a wide variety of sanding applications. From heavy, two-handed rough sanding of filler to fine sanding of finish coats. A radius edge provides the perfect surface for sanding contours and ridges. No trimming, no waste and every square inch of the disc available for sanding – just wrap it and rock.



Soft Block® –  SB-1

The Soft Blocks are unique, double-density blocks that act as two blocks in one, achieving the ultimate in block sanding of curved or irregular shaped surfaces. These blocks require no adhesives; sandpaper sticks like glue. The dense side is for more aggressive blocking, while the soft side is for color sanding.



The Holey Terror® –  HT-1

This unique, rugged, semi-rigid versatile sanding block is designed for flat to medium curved surfaces. The strategic hole pattern side provides multiple cutting edges, creating a 30% faster cutting surface, gripping the sandpaper, wet or dry. The back side provides rigidity and a comfortable, easy-to-hold surface.



Wonder Block®  –  WB-1

Contoured ergonomically designed blocks for maximum gripping power over flat to slightly curved surfaces. Their heavy duty construction provides long life in harsh environments, and supreme sanding power for the toughest applications.



Memory Block®  –  MB-1

Unique sanding solutions for difficult applications. Hard side for PSA paper, extreme curving power for fender crowns and motorcycle tanks. Soft “Memory” side reduces pressure for nibs, louvers and other challenging surfaces


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