Motor Guard MC-30/MC-60

The key to our efficiency is based on compressing the element axially and forcing it to expand radially against the tapered walls of the housing. This forces the air to pass between the tightly compressed layers along the length of the element, creating a true depth filter Vs. the conventional method of passing the air through layers of media.

Using this unique method of filtration creates a labyrinth of sub-micronic openings from the interlocking fibers on the fabric surfaces, entrapping particles as small as .01 microns.

All this incredible filtration is accomplished while at the same time the patented compression technique maintains an optimum filter density, providing maximum efficiency with a minimum pressure drop at the optimum flow rate.

The M-60 gets serious with it’s .01 micron discrimination. We’re talking clean air, here. The non-degrading, disposable filter contains nothing to contaminate any system. In choosing this module, make sure you’re backed up with a unit like the Ambush just before the M-60, to trap the really coarse stuff. This unit maintains 100 CFM at 80 PSI.



  • 1/4″ NPT
  • 45 CFM (Max Flow @ 80 psi)
  • 125 psi Max Pressure
  • .01 Micron Removal


  • 1/2″ NPT
  • 100CFM (Max Flow @ 80 psi)
  • 125 psi Max Pressure
  • .01 Micron Removal




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