DeVILBISS Air Line Regulator Filters and Control Units

These Air Regulator Filters will improve the quality of all of your paint jobs. Our Air Regulator Filters and Regulation Systems Remove Dirt, Oil and Water from Air Lines down to .01 micron. The removal of dirt and oil prior to the painting process will help to eliminate the need to redo’s due to particles in the air line. These units are ideal for low humidity conditions and supply cleaner, drier air to the spray gun in the system.



130098 – Two-stage filtration system, including centrifugal and coalescer w/ 60 CFM regulator

  • 1st Stage 5 micron filter
  • 2nd Stage .01 micron filter
  • Easier maintenance comes with manual flexible drain



This filter unit is designed to remove dirt, pipe  scale and most liquid aerosols. Any of these, especially water, may cause servere damage to the  paint finish. This unit is rated at 100 CFM

130041 – 100 CFM air line filter 

130042 – 100 CFM air line filter w/ 60 CFM regulator



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