Black Ice Waterproof


You Can Feel the Difference, You Can See the Results

Black Ice Waterproof (grits 1000 and finer) has been upgraded to an enhanced design which does NOT require extended soaking prior to use.  The new Black Ice design works great wet or dry and gives the same cut no matter how you use it. If you prefer it wet, a spritz of water is all that’s needed. Or, if you like to soak your paper, go ahead because Black Ice has curl resistance built right in so it stays flat and Black Ice will not deteriorate, no matter how long you leave it in the water. Black Ice provides a super-fast cut and a consistent scratch pattern that’s easy to buff out. Removing imperfections is a breeze and knowing there are no wild scratches is a relief. Plus, enhanced flexing ensures that the paper won’t crack, even when it’s folded over. The bottom line is that buffing is done in no time. You can be confident in the performance of Black Ice.


5-1/2″ x 9″ (50 Sheets):

  • 2500B 39369
  • 2000B 39370
  • 1500B 39371
  • 1200B 39372
  • 1000B 39373
  • P800B 39374
  • P600B 39375

9″ x 11″ (50 Sheets):

  • 2500B 39377
  • 2000B 39378
  • 1500B 39379
  • 1200B 39380
  • 1000B 39381
  • P800B 39382
  • P600B 39383
  • P500B 39384
  • P400B 39385
  • P360B 39346
  • P320B 39386
  • P280B 39387
  • P250B 39388
  • P220B 39389
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