3M Panel Bonding Adhesive


3M 8115  200 ml

90 Minute work time.

Two-part epoxy used to bond steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP (traditional fiberglass). The primary use is to replace quarter panels, roofs, box sides, van sides, utility vehicle sides and door skins.

Panel Bonding Adhesive has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastic and metal substrates. When the manufacturer’s directions are followed, this product can be used to bond door skins, roof skins, quarter panels and box sides. In addition, product can be used for bumper cover repair under certain conditions. Typical substrates include cold roll steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP.

This product is not intended to bond structural components of a vehicle such pillars, rockers, or frame members. If doubt exists as to whether a particular component is structural, then that component should be welded.

Also available in:

50 ml cartridge, Panel Bonding Adhesive,  3M 38315

200 ml cartridge, Panel Bonding Adhesive (GM and Chrysler), 3M 8116

200 ml cartridge, Composite and Metal Bonding Adhesive, 3M 8219

400 ml cartridge, SMC/FRP  90 minute Repair,  3M 8274

400 ml cartridge, SMC/FRP 35 minute Repair, 3M 8273


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