3M 3 inch Back Up Disc Pads





20427 – Hookit™ Clean Sanding Disc Pad Kit, 3 inch x 1/2 inch

Dust extraction Hookit™ back up pad (Clean Sanding) is constructed on foam material. The backup pad itself has a 5/16-24 internal thread, and the kit includes five adaptors that convert it to 1/4-20 external threads, 1/4-20 internal threads, 1/4-28 external threads, 5/16-24 external threads, or 6mm-1.0 external threads.



5771 –  Hookit™ Soft Interface Pad

Used with standard Hookit™ Back-Up Pad, increases conformability, allowing the technician to follow contours and get in closer to most edges. Constructed of a soft durable foam, with 6 dust holes. Used with clean sanding, and non-dust free discs.



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